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Equity 4 All Americans Fund 

We're helping create and generate funding for Investment, Retirement, and First-Home Down-Payment Accounts for Lower-Income Americans, and Education and Investment Accounts for they can share shares of our economy!  Sign up to help out and/or to create your own account today!

Everyone deserves a piece of the pie (the American economy.)  So, we'll be enabling lower-income Americans to create and secure funding for their own IRAs, investment accounts, and down-payment assistance funds; helping parents set up and fund custodial education and investment accounts for kids; and improving financial literacy. 


The Equity 4 All Americans Fund (E4AA) Fund

is the only US charity that enables donors/contributors/volunteers to set up and fund these accounts for the less fortunate on a means-tested/needs-assessed/sliding scale basis. 

Sign up now to maximize your potential share! -If you're an adult with income under $20,000 and/or you're a parent/guardian of a child under age 18 and you have household income under $20,000, contact us at to sign up for potential benefits at no cost.


IRAs, investment accounts, and education savings accounts are fine, but many lower-income folks can't afford to fund them.  Home ownership is great, but many cannot afford the down-payment.  Our goal: change this! 

Everyone complains about inequality; now you can join the movement to sustainably reduce it: contact us today at


Benefit allocations from the E4AA Fund will be strictly means-tested (needs-assessed) so lower-income, lower-wealth persons receive greater allocations, based on documented income and wealth.  Most funds will be invested in low-cost, broad-based mutual funds or exchange-traded funds.


We will have increased outreach to lower-income communities. 


Persons of color, on average, will likely receive greater benefit allocations from the E4AA Fund, as they tend to have lower income and wealth. 

Down-Payment Assistance Funds:  The E4AA Fund is the only US charity that will provide, and let contributors donate toward, first-home purchase down-payment assistance funds that will be distributed on a means-tested/sliding scale basis so lower-income persons will receive greater allocations.


Shares for Schools  -We'll help schools and colleges create accounts for education and asset-building.  All students in a class or school will have an equal share of accounts.  Schools will be ranked by household income so lower-income schools receive greater allocations.


Equity 4 All Americans Fund

We'll be teaching children about their own financial system...with real assets.   We believe:

-All children should begin investing and learning about our financial system while very young.

-Holding stocks and other assets for the future can be of greater benefit than cash payouts.

 -Directly sharing wealth with deserving beneficiaries can benefit them more than having the government control the funds being shared.

-Lower-income folks, including children, should be enabled to share in profits when businesses have increased earnings.

    -They'll be able to do this 'automatically' through having shares in the E4AA Fund.

Share Allocations:  Share amounts will be determined for eligible adult enrollees with yearly income under $20,000 and for children with household income under $20,000. -As contributions increase, we'll raise this figure. 

For allocations and distributions from earnings, the below income factors will be applied to all Fund earnings in a year.  Principal will not all be allocated and distributed in a given year.

The maximum share allocation per person per year will be $6000, or $7000 for those over age 50. 

Income Factors:  Persons and households will be ranked by income into five brackets.  Planned allocation formulas for those 5 lowest-to-highest income brackets are: 1.67; 1.33; 1.0; .67; and .33.  

Shares for Kids

Example: Rebecca, age 5, lives in a household with total income of $18,500.  If there is $100,000 available from earnings for allocation, with 50 enrollees to be ranked, and Rebecca's household income ranked in the next-highest bracket, her potential share would be .67 x 1/50 x $100,000 = $1340.  This share could be held for her benefit or placed in a custodial investment account or an education savings account. 

Enrollment Procedures:  There will be 2 stages of sign up: 1. Initial; and 2. For Vesting or Distribution. 

For the initial sign-up, provide your name, contact info, and the amount of your income and assets.  Social Security number and income verification are not required. 

For your share amount to be calculated for vesting or distribution, and before funds are released, we'll need information similar to a loan application, proof of income and assets, and credit report authorization. 

We plan to assure enrollees of regular 'vested' (although not guaranteed) allocations from Fund earnings following the above formulas.  There will be a single fund.  No final allocation will be determined until disbursement. 

Some Fund earnings may be transferred to enrollees' own accounts.   -They'll be expected to hold distributed funds for the designated future purposes.  If funds are spent for other purposes, restrictions will apply to future eligibility or distributions. 

For help in setting up your funds, to sign up for a share allocation, or to volunteer your time, talent and treasure, please contact us today at  


655 N. Broad Street, Suite 205
Middletown, DE  19709

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